RENU DESAI Maa Tv Interview

Pawan Kalyan's wife: RENU DESAI

Pawan Kalyan's wife: RENU DESAI

Power Star PAWAN KALYAN’s wife: RENU DESAI has given a heartfelt interview to Swapna of MAA TV and the talkshow was so beautiful to watch. The way Renu speaks and uses few traditional Telugu words like: “abhiprayam, parichayam, etc” was simply amazing! She kept on saying that she is the luckiest girl on this earth to have a honest & a genious person like Pawan as her hubby!

She has also mentioned that she never had any regrets for sacrificing her career for a live-in relation with Pawan Kalyan. Watch the following videos for the interview:



In other news: Supreme Court has ordered the Election Commission to give a Common Symbol for PRAJA RAJYAM Party and the EC is busy in arranging one to PRP. Chiranjeevi has requested for TRAIN symbol as PRAJARAJYAM COMMON SYMBOL. We need to wait for the official announcement. If this happens, that will be a big relief for Praja Rajyam party!


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